What is Spiritualist Healing?

Spiritualist Healing is similar to other forms of spiritual healing involving the laying of hands on or near the patient or the transmission of healing thoughts from a distance but it is carried out within the rules and beliefs of the Spiritualist National Union. It is a complementary therapy and is not an alternative to the work of trained medical practitioners. Spiritualist healers do not claim to be able to heal any disease or illness but we believe that it can help people to feel better and to fight back against disease and illness. Spiritualists believe that the energies transferred during Spiritualist Healing come from a divine source and are controlled by healers in spirit. Spiritualist churches and centres have a duty to hold healing sessions or services.

What does it cost?

Healing in a Spiritualist church or centre is free of charge but a small donation towards the costs of the premises would be appreciated. Typically, each individual healing session would last for between 15 and 20 minutes. Many elderly people simply come along each week for a quick ‘top up’ whilst other patients might come for several weeks or months until they no longer feel the need to do so.

Do I have to be a Spiritualist?

No. Healing is available to all who are in need regardless of race, colour or creed. If an individual asks questions about Spiritualism or expresses an interest, then we will do our best to answer them and provide literature but otherwise healing sessions are conducted in a professional manner during which religion is not discussed.

How are healers trained?

Healers should be in good health and have strong natural energy fields themselves. A trained healer can quickly detect if an individual has the potential to become a healer. The term ‘healer’ is really a misnomer since Spiritualist healers believe that they are simply channels for the transmission of the healing energies to the recipient. Trainee Spiritualist healers have to practice under the guidance of an Approved Healer for a minimum of two years. They also have to complete a basic written course. During this time, they will learn how to channel the healing energies without depleting their own energy field and how to conduct themselves with patients in accordance with a strict Code of Conduct and within the legal requirements applicable to the spiritual healing of people and animals – and yes, many animals such as cats, dogs and even horses appreciate and benefit from spiritual healing.

What do healers do if they are ill?

They go to their local GP in the same way as any other complementary therapist!

The Healers Creed

As inherited from the Guild of Spiritual Healers that merged with the SNU in 1994.

1) To promote and encourage the practice, study and investigation of the art and science of Spiritualist Healing.
2) To render aid, wherever possible, to all who are sick in mind, body or spirit, irrespective of race, colour or creed.
3) To work as far as possible in co-operation with the medical profession.
4) To assist and train potential healers.
5) To encourage and help churches and other bodies affiliated to the Union to commence and maintain Spiritualist healing groups.