Introducting our new President Stephen Brame OSNU

Hi to all of you who are reading this and may be wondering who I am. So let’s start with a little bit of history and I hope it will not be too boring for you.

I started going to Billericay Christian Spiritualist Church as it was called then way back in 1983. I joined the committee in 1984 as an ordinary committee member. I then progressed to Vice-President and then eventually President of the Church. In the early 1990’s I Joined the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) as President of the Church; I felt I needed to know about the organisation the Church was involved with and as a Church healer I also needed to know what was involved in training new healers at the Church (as the SNU had introduced a course that all new healers had to take, I took the course so I knew what was required).


I then started to become more involved working on the East London District Council (that is the area we come under in the SNU.) as the District Healing Representative, committee member, then Vice-President and eventually as President of the District.


I do not know why my Spiritual journey was taking me down this committee route because I am not fond of all the rules and regulations and it is not something  I would have picked if someone said I could do this or that.


At the same time as getting involved with the SNU I also started to do more and more demonstrations as a platform Medium.


When I became President of Billericay Spiritualist Centre as it had now been renamed I said I would give it 5 years in this role and then let someone else take over. I did take a 6th year but that was not to be so I resigned and Debbie Malyon took over as President in 1999.


When I joined the Church meetings were held in the Quakers hall and at the Reading Rooms, then both meeting were move to the Reading Rooms in Billericay High Street. It was hard for the Church to do all the things we wished to do and members had been fund raising and saving for years to buy our own building. We had a message from Spirit giving us the direction from the Reading Rooms that we would find a building. We looked at houses and industrial buildings in that direction but the council said they would not let us convert these to a place of worship. We would have to find a hall that was already there. It then came to light that the Jehovah Witness Hall was up for sale. So enquires were made and at first turned down as they wanted more then we could afford. But the other buyer pulled out and the price dropped. It was still above what we could get a loan for but the SNU stepped in and help us buy the building.


I was also told by a different medium that Billericay Spiritualist Centre would become a teaching centre for Spiritualism something I had forgotten and only came back to me a few weeks ago when someone said something that made this spring to mind.


We are now in a situation whereby leasing the building to Tony Stockwell, teaching is taking place in Billericay Spiritualist Centre. It may not be what I thought would happen but it has happened. The Centre has a new lease of life redecorated, and reasonable stability with its finances.


Are we out of the woods not quite one of the things that I learnt from my time on the District Council is that lack of members and people willing to support the Committee closes a building very quickly. If there is no one willing to take on the responsibility and organise events then you can say good bye to your meeting place.



So I would like to help build up the membership, to get people involved in helping run the Centre and maybe some of them will be willing to continue running the Centre when those that are trustees now can no longer fill that role. Under the rules that we run by the Committee has to be made up from the membership of the Centre. So if you love Billericay Spiritualist Centre and wish to keep the Beacon of Spiritualism flying in Billericay. Then please consider becoming a member not just on paper as this will not help but an active member of the Centre. A smiling face to those that come in for the first time, a tea maker a music man/woman or any other area that will make Billericay Spiritualist Centre a place that people love to come to. Not because of the medium, but because we are a family. It may not be easy as families do not always see eye to eye but if we have respect for each other and agree to disagree on some occasions, then I am sure we can make this building our second home.


By dropping our Sunday Service to the first Sunday of each month it opens up the other Sundays to do different things. I said to Spirit if I was supposed to spend more time at Billericay then I would need to do fewer demonstrations at other Churches. Well this year I have had a few of those Sundays open up so we will be trying some new thing on these Sundays. I hope you will come along and join us, let us know some of the thing you would like to discover, develop or discuss.  In May we will be doing a self-healing and relaxation Sunday  then a private reading evening with a couple of mediums on another Sunday to see how it goes. So please look out for these events and come and join us.


Being a Spiritualist is not just about getting or giving a reading or getting or giving healing they are just a small part. Let Billericay Spiritualist Centre help you develop the Spirit in you; and together we can grow into a family and support each other when required and spread the word of Spirit and make our world a better place to live in.


I could go on and I was when I start putting this together going to get on my soap box and say a lot more. But maybe now is not the time and if we can grow as a Centre and community I will not have to say anything because it will all fall into place. So I will put my trust in Spirit that they will guide us and I will listen.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing and meeting you. If you have any ideas on how to move Spiritualism and the Centre forward please let me know.


Stephen Brame OSNU

President Billericay Spiritualist Centre.